Old Washoe Club Update: We Survived!

Update on the Old Washoe Club overnight: we survived!

It was a long night (almost 12 hours!) that started off slow but ended with us desperately waiting for daylight.

View of Virginia City from the second floor of the Old Washoe Club.

Some quick highlights:

  • We caught a very clear EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) that sounds like a little girl saying “Hey!” or “Hi!”
  • During one of our first attempts at the Estes Method in “the Crypt” my brand new P-SB7 Spirit Box started to malfunction. I’ll write more about Spirit Boxes and their intended use in an upcoming post.
My brand new P-SB7 Spirit Box malfunctioning in “the Crypt”.
  • During another investigation of “the Crypt” we were startled by a loud motor noise (at 2am!) that literally had us running, thinking that it may have been some sort of alarm that the building was about to collapse. Upon further investigation, we think it may been some plumbing that hung above us. I plan to call the Washoe to get more information.
  • The smell of floral perfume followed us around on the 2nd floor, specifically in the ballroom area.
  • During our investigation of the 3rd floor, in a room where a tragic suicide took place in the late 1900s, the sound of loud, threatening footsteps in the room with us and some malfunctioning equipment convinced us to call it quits on that level.

I’ll have more details, photos, and a full report about my experience soon! Stayed tuned!

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