A Day at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Happy New Year’s Eve, dear readers! I hope everyone has a fantastic night celebrating the coming of 2019. Tonight I will be celebrating at home with a cozy bonfire and continuing my New Year’s Eve tradition of setting intentions for the new year.

But more about that another time…

A few weeks ago, I went to one of my favorite flea markets in California: the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I meant to write a post about it, but…that didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean I can’t write about it now!

The Rose Bowl Flea Market takes place the second Sunday of every month. Vendors from all over California bring their items to sell to local Angelenos and tourists – from vintage clothing to car parts, handmade jewelry and furniture, priceless artwork and cheap knick nacks – if you can think of it, they will probably have it at the Rose Bowl! I happened to go in December, so in addition to the normal wares, lots of vendors were hacking Christmas and holiday items.

Here are some photos of the Rose Bowl Flea Market, featuring just some of the great finds in this Pasadena paradise:

Some beautiful handmade jewelry created by Lynn Konrad of French at Heart.

An amazing piece by Nelson Repurposing – made out of an old radio and only $150!
These phonographs were the real deal, costing upwards of $3000!

If you find yourself in Pasadena, California on the second Sunday of the month, definitely check out one of the best flea markets around. You might even go home with a new treasure or two!

What are some of your favorite flea markets? Let me know in the comments!

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